About us

For a sustainable solution, it needs to be sustained on the long-term.
MDC provides long-term solutions that generates value to its customers.

We are here to promote sustainable energy as a generator of sustainable development to our customers.
This is the purpose that guides all our actions.

We constantly invest in technology to be able to deal with the evolving
challenges in the energy market, providing low carbon solutions to our customers.


Production of power and steam from biomass sources.


Production of renewable gas (biomethane).

Natural gas

Commercialization and distribution of Natural Gas through multimodal transportation (CNG, LNG, among others).

Renewable energy: We invest and operate across the entire cycle in energy assets,
including natural gas, RNG, production of biomass, renewable energy, and steam from biomass.

Low carbon: We provide energy solutions for customers that aim a low carbon footprint,
providing long-term stability and sustainable value.

Sustainability in all of our business

Pillars of Development

Care for

Positive impact in the communities in which we operate

financial results

Responsible Governance

To be part of MDC means to be committed and responsible.
We start with the understanding of our clients’ needs to provide a sustainable
and complete energy solution.

We are more than 350 employees in different sites and business units aiming for the same goal:
to guarantee sustainable value and long-term results to our customers.

Energy is value

This is our way of building a more efficient,
safe and promising future for this and the next generations.

Our Business Model

Learn about our three pillars:

A portfolio with diverse and complementary sources: biogas, natural gas, and biomass.
The ability to deal with the logistical, regulatory and technical aspects of each project to execute an agile, complete and safe delivery.
A constant technological evolution to deal with the evolving challenges in the energy market, providing low carbon solutions to our customers.

Our goal is to offer solutions
in biogas, natural gas, biomass and energy
that guarantee sustainable value for our customers.


Founded in 2010, the Company is a pioneer in the collection and treatment of biogas generated from renewable sources for the production of biomethane. Fully integrated operation, from the conception and construction of the projects to the commercialization of the RNG, through exclusive long-term biomass supply contracts.

GNR Fortaleza

Having started its operation in December 2017, the plant captures and treats the biogas produced at the municipal landfill in Caucaia, a region that receives most of the solid waste generated in Fortaleza. The volume of RNG produced represents approximately 20% of the natural gas consumption in the state of Ceará.

  • Installed capacity: 100,000 m³/day of biomethane
  • Location: Caucaia, State of Ceará
  • First biomethane plant with direct injection to the distribution pipeline.
  • One of the largest biomethane producers in the country.
  • Second largest installed capacity.
  • First biomethane plant certified by Renovabio.

Avoids 610,000 equivalent tons of CO2 in the atmosphere annually, helping to minimize the emission of greenhouse gases and contributing positively to future generations.

GNR Dois Arcos

Founded in 2014, the unit was a first mover in the capture and treatment of biogas generated from renewable sources for the production of biomethane. The volume of gas produced is supplied to several gas stations in the region.

  • Installed capacity: 15,000 m³/day of biomethane
  • Location: São Pedro da Aldeia, State of Rio de Janeiro

The plant is part of the Clean Development Mechanism and avoids 76,000 equivalent tons of CO2 thrown into the atmosphere annually, helping to minimize the emission of greenhouse gases and contributing positively to future generations.

Produção de Biometano

Founded in 2002, CDGN offers solutions for the natural gas chain. The company is a leader in the compressed natural gas (CNG) logistics segment, also responsible for the operation and product commercialization.

Largest road distributor of gas in Brazil

  • Experience in the commercialization of raw natural gas, treated and biomethane.
  • Acting in the natural gas chain, acquires gas from small and medium-sized onshore producers, and is responsible for the treatment, separation, compression and commercialization of natural gas, from the producer to the final customer.
  • Expertise in logistics of several products, including managing long routes with several deliveries.
  • Operations center managing the entire chain online 24/7: guarantee of safety and quality of operations.
  • In-house engineering team develops customized solutions for each client using the best technologies available in the market.
  • Unites commercial, logistical, technical and regulatory expertise to develop solutions for production and/or consumption, either isolated or connected to the network.
  • Installed capacity: 200,000 m³/day.
  • Current operates in the following states: RS, SC, SP, RJ, ES, BA, PE, RN and MA.
  • Activities: Compression, transport, delivery, operation, leasing and commercialization of gas (Natural Gas and Biomethane).
  • Clients: Bahiagás, Bracell, Braskem, Comgás, ESGás and Petrobras.
Produção de Biometano Produção de Biometano

ERB is a standard in the national market in the renewable production of power from the use of steam from biomass, offering its clients customized solutions via sustainable technologies.

ERB Aratinga

ERB supplies steam to Dow Brasil on a long-term contract. ERB invested and operates a cogeneration plant from eucalyptus that replaces 200 thousand m³ of natural gas per day. The action reduces the CO² emissions of the plant by 180 thousand tons/year.

Installed Capacity: 150 ton/h of Steam - 16.8 MW of Power
Start of Operation: April 2014


Cogeneration operation of power and steam from sugarcane bagasse for the Santa Vitória Açúcar e Álcool (SVAA) ethanol mill, which has a processing capacity of 2.7 million tons of sugarcane per harvest. The generating unit has an installed capacity of 41 MW, with the power contracted in the regulated market in Brazil.

Installed Capacity: 250 ton/h of Capacity - 41 MW of Power.
Start of Operation: July 2015

Produção de Biometano Produção de Biometano

We operate throughout Brazil
to serve our customers

Main clients

We understand that each customer has its own needs.
This helps us offer a more customized solution, through individual and long-standing relationships with our clients.


Our values are non-negotiable and are fundamental to lead our culture. By combining our values with our drive to execute, we are capable of creating great initiatives and structure innovative projects.


Think like an owner and innovate


Plan and create opportunities


Cultivate positive relationships


Breathe energy


Be 100% responsible

We will dedicate our energy to consolidate and develop sustainable business

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